Enjoy Colorado Springs Worship

On October 4, 2010, in Colorado Springs, by fred

It’s time To Enjoy Colorado Springs Worship

colorado springs Enjoy Colorado Springs Worship

Colorado Springs Is such a Great city to Worship in.

There is nothing like Colorado Springs Worship.

It is important to find a place to Colorado Springs Worship that is encouraging and uplifting to worship at.  It is very tempting and extremely easy to get caught up with the fast pace of life in Colorado Springs, but true lasting physical success will only come with Spiritual growth and success.

What about Colorado Springs Worship?

The blessing of living in Colorado Springs all to often lead to the problems of Colorado Springs.  What I mean by this is the combination of incredible weather, of having sunshine over 300 days out of the year, and of living next to those beautiful Rocky Mountains ends up leading to one of the nations most physically active and fit populations of any city. Now that is a Blessing!

However, this ends up leading to the key problem of Colorado Springs Worship, lack of attendance in places of Worship.  I might just like to add just a thought.  The exciting active lifestyles of Colorado Springs residents tend to start feeling like monotonous repetition when individuals fail to include worship from their busy routines.

I know from personal experience, that busy routines can end up looking and feeling more like watching re-runs at times when I have overlooked worshiping for extended periods.  I’ll be the first to admit sometimes it seems like trying to fit a Colorado Springs Worship service into my exhausting schedule can be a bit tedious.

But I have also found, that life in Colorado Spring ends up being much more exciting and fulfilling when I spend some time worshiping the King. Perhaps this is what Jesus meant in John 10:10
10 I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.(KJV)

Not only that, I like to sing and worship The great Lord who made me and saved me.

Just How Important is Colorado Springs Worship?

I have been to several churches in the area and it is important to find the right one.  I really like to enjoy Colorado Springs  worship at a church where the kids have their own worship service going on separate from the adults.  Plus I really like the Spirit I feel at this Church.  Also it’s easy to get to from anywhere in Colorado Springs, on the Corner of Academy and Bradley Road.  I would recommend to worship at:

First United Pentecostal Church

3905 Bradley Road

Security, CO  80911

Call 392-6757 for assistance.

Come Experience Colorado Springs Worship!

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